Appointment Time and Arrival Time
Technician  ARRIVAL TIME will be between 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after your scheduled APPOINTMENT TIME. If you are not present upon technician arrival we will wait until 15 minutes past your scheduled APPOINTMENT TIME. If you are not present at that time and we have not had any contact with you, our technician will move on to our next appointment and you will need to reschedule your appointment. If for any reason we are arriving past our state ARRIVAL TIME, our technician or our office will contact you via phone to let you know the updated arrival time.

Preparing for Appointment
To prepare for your appointment it is helpful to have your dryer free of clothing and the area around the dryer as clear as possible to allow technicians space to work.

What To Expect
Dryer Removal and Cleaning
As part of your full-service cleaning appointment, we clean inside the dryer lint trap and dryer cabinet. We may remove the dryer from the home to give adequate space to thoroughly clean the dryer. We may remove the lid or back panel of the dryer as needed in order to properly clean the cabinet area. While cleaning inside your dryer, we do not dismantle or uninstall any mechanical parts of your dryer.
Dryer Changes
After your dryer has been cleaned you may experience a faint burning smell the first time you use the dryer after cleaning. This is normal and will dissipate after your first cycle.

You may notice your dryer sounds different after we have cleaned it, this is typical because of removing lint from inside the dryer that was previously muffling the sound of the dryer’s operation.

Length of Appointment 
The appointment duration may vary depending on many factors. The total price for cleaning each appointment is a flat rate price and is not contingent on the amount of time spent cleaning.

Cancellation Policy
If you will not be able to make your scheduled appointment time, please let us know 24 hours in advance if possible. We will be happy to help you reschedule your appointment for a different day or time.

By accepting these terms and conditions you give us permission to contact you via text, phone, or email. This communication is used for appointment reminders, digital reports, receipts, invoices, etc. Promotional emails can be opted out of at any time.

Billing Policy

We are a net30 company. All invoices are considered past due after 30 days from the time they are sent. If payment has not been received within 30 days of the invoice being issued a 2.5% late fee will be added to the balance due. If payment has still not been received, 2.5% will continue to be added every 30 days until the invoice is paid in full.

We are a fully insured company and can provide proof of liability insurance, workers comp exemption, and a w9 form if needed upon request. The request must be made at least 48 hrs before the appointment date so that those documents can be sent to the appropriate contact person in your organization.