Safe Homes = Safe Neighborhoods

We work with Home Owner Associations to offer incredible discounts

and an easy system to schedule dryer vent cleaning for the whole neighborhood.

Bring savings on dryer vent cleaning to the whole block.

Safe Homes. Safe Neighborhoods is an initiative to help Home Owners Associations conveniently schedule dryer vent cleaning service for the whole neighborhood at an amazing price.



Step 1: Get Your Neighborhood Discount

TNT is your friend in the neighborhood!  We offer group scheduling discounts for home owners associations to help making keeping the neighborhood safe more affordable for everyone. 

If you are a representative of your home owner’s association contact our office at 918-605-8953 to discuss price options and get a customized discounted rate for your neighborhood. We base prices off of number of homes in the neighborhood, services desired and time frame the work can be completed in. 

Typically, each home owner will be responsible to pay for their cleaning at the time of appointment.

If you are wanting to explore other billing options, please let us know and we will see if we can accommodate your request.  


Step 2: Reserve A Time Frame 

Part of the reason we can offer great prices to home owners association is by offering our service at a special price for your neighborhood in a defined time frame. This allows us to clean more dryer vents in a short amount of time. Each homeowner can choose the time slot that works best for them within your neighborhoods reserved time frame. To help make things easier, we set up a custom landing page on our site that everyone in the neighborhood can use to choose their time slot and receive the neighborhood discount. 



    Step 3: Spread The Word

    We want to make it easy as possible for everyone to take advantage of the neighborhood discount and set up their appointment in your neighborhoods reserved time frame. 

    To Help Make Your Neighborhood Safety Party a Success

    • Group Scheduling Discount’s 
    • Literature For HOA’s On The Safety Benefits Of Dryer Vent Cleaning
    • Fast and Affordable Service 

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