Dryer Vent Cleaning Broken Arrow, OK

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Full Service Cleaning Appointment Includes


  • Airflow Test Before and After Cleaning
  • Connection Hose Check and Cleaning
  • Clean out of Dryer Vent
  • Clean out of Dryer
  •  Digital Dryer Vent System Report 

Before Cleaning


Dryer Vent Repairs

We love helping our customers identify and solve issues with their dryer vent systems to help them achieve maximum performance from their dryer. We can inspect the dryer vent system to identify problems and offer solutions. 

We Can Help With

  • Disconnections
  • Duct Replacement 
  • Replacing Bad Connections 
  • And Much More…

Dryer Vent Re-Route and Installation

Unfortunately, some dryer vent systems are no longer safe or efficient to use due to bad initial design or installation and deterioration over time. In these cases, it is often necessary to find a new path for the dryer vent to exit the home. We inspect your home to find the most viable new path for your dryer vent and offer a complete turnkey solution for rerouting the dryer vent.

Vent Hood Installation

It’s important that your dryer vent has the correct type of vent hood in order for it to work properly. We install a variety of options that help the dryer vent expel air properly and keep birds and rain out of the vent.

We Install

  • Low Profile Roof Vents
  • Dryer Jack Vent Hoods
  • Wall Vents
  • Custom Solutions

Bird Guard Installation

Birds often create problems for dryer vents by forming nest inside of them. We can remove nests through a cleaning appointment and install solutions to help prevent bird infiltration in the future. We install custom bird guards designed to keep birds out and allow the dryer vent to still vent air properly.  


Dryer Box Installation

We install Dryer Box’s to help your dryer be positioned closer to the wall and keep the connection from being smashed or kinked. 

Dryer Box Benefits 

  • Safer, Roomier, More Efficient Homes
  • Give the Dryer Some Space
  • Let the Dryer Perform at Peak Efficiency
  • Help Protect Against Fire Spread
  • Protect Exhaust Duct in the Wall

HVAC Viewing and Documentation


Our inspection camera can visually scope out below ground ductwork to check for holes, rust, obstructions, and bacterial growth. We can also record video files and create a digital report of your ductwork so that you know exactly where problems are and how to address them.


  • Helps Identify Problems with Ductwork
  • Find Obstructions or Objects
  • Assess whether ductwork needs to be cleaned.

Booster Fan Installation

Booster fans can help your dryer work more efficiently by helping expel lint through the system giving it an added boost to relieve strain on the dryer and help it vent better. We can inspect your dryer vent to see if it is a good candidate for a booster fan and install the right fan for your situation. 


  • Helps Alleviate Strain on Dryer 
  • Helps Reduce Lint Accumulation in Long Dryer Vents 

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