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Twist N Turn Dryer Vent Cleaning likes to sum up its mission in six words: Safe Homes. Dry Clothes. Happy Customers. Founded in 2016 by Jeremiah and Megan Harris, Twist N Turn Dryer Vent Cleaning began with a vision of challenging the standard for the dryer vent cleaning industry. Jeremiah had over 20 years of experience in the industry sweeping chimneys, cleaning air ducts and cleaning dryer vents, and noticed that while many companies cleaned dryer vents, it was only offered as an additional service. The connection hose and the dryer oftentimes was still full of lint. Jeremiah and Megan sought to challenge that standard, and is proud to offer 100% lint removal with Twist N Turn Dryer vent cleaning services.

Protect Your Tulsa Apartment Complex

Nowadays, businesses are offering more and more services to customers in order to stay competitive in the industry. Customers expect cleanliness and top-of-the line services and products. We’ve found that many businesses are utilizing on-site laundry services in order to maintain efficiency, which can come at a safety cost to your business if you aren’t adhering to routine maintenance for your washer and dryer. Our goal at Twist N Turn Dryer Vent Cleaning is to protect your business from a dryer vent fire and help your laundry operation continue to operate smoothly. We provide commercial dryer vent cleaning services, repairs and inspections for commercial customers looking to keep their on-site dryers and businesses humming right along. 

Tulsa Apartment Complex Vent Cleaning

Today’s modern apartment community is focused on providing a safe, convenient, and luxurious lifestyle for their tenants. Tenants enjoy having on-site laundry facilities that work efficiently but maintaining them can be challenging for apartment maintenance staff and neglecting to maintain them can be a serious safety hazard. Apartment communities can avoid complaints about dryer wait times and avoid overburdening their maintenance staff by having their dryer vent systems professionally cleaned. Twist N Turn Dryer Vent Cleaning offers free on-site commercial estimates and multi-unit discounts.

Booking a Tulsa Apartment Complex Vent Cleaning

If you choose to book a service with Twist N Turn Dryer Vent Cleaning, we offer a range of service levels. We can simply clean your dryer vent, or we can offer our full-service package. The full-service package includes dryer vent clean out, dryer clean out, inspection and cleaning of dryer vent hose, air flow test and a dryer vent system inspection report. You can also choose to upgrade to the premium service level, which includes everything aforementioned in the full-service package, as well as the installation of new DryerFlex connection hose and wool dryer balls. Please check out our appointment scheduling webpage for a full list of services and our customer testimonials.

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